Scalops for Christmas – available in Workington

scallops with pea pure

Yo Ho Ho, Scallops ahoy

November 1st was the official start to the local scallop season, when the shores around the Isle of Man open for business. The season ends in May, giving the stock time to replenish.

Do you know how scallops swim? They jet propel water between their shells. Local scallops are caught by dredging the sea bed, but if you can get hand-dived scallops from Scottish waters (at a premium).

Scallops are regarded as a cosmopolitan shell fish, a prized food source and often feature as a starter or main course in esteemed restaurants. With Christmas around the corner, it’s the ideal treat –perhaps for Christmas Eve before the onslaught of turkey dinner.

We don’t fish for scallops ourselves, but do buy direct from the boats as they land in Whitehaven.seared-scallops-with-pea-pure-and-blackpudding

Don’t be afraid to cook them, they’re very quick and easy to do. We love them with black pudding and Parma Ham. Cook the black pudding first then put to one side. Make sure your pan is very hot and sear the scallops for 1 – 1.5 minutes (ready as soon as they stop sticking to the pan), then turn over for a few seconds more. Just before serving wrap the scallops in Parma Ham and toss around the pan. They’re also great with diced Pancetta, or for a simpler starter, just sear the scallops, add a squeeze of lemon juice and seasoning, then serve with a pea puree.

We’re already taking Christmas fish orders – without doubt the smoked salmon, crab, lobster and prawns are top of the list, but there are some other great fish dish ideas too. We’ll be talking about how to sizzle salmon in a variety of ways next month.

PS: News on the boat. Proud to say she’s seaworthy and ready for action. We just need more crew!  So if you are looking for a new job, have sea legs and are prepared for very early mornings – get in touch.

If you want to place an order for Christmas or give freshly caught local scallops, pop to the shop or  give us a call on 01900 63746

6F Buddle Road, Clay Flatts, Workington


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