Salmon Bacon for Santa’s breakfast

Fish is in fine fettle; with sales growth and innovation, it is now outperforming other protein providers like meat and poultry. The big fish news is that salmon is set to replace tuna as the nation’s favourite fish and there are lots of added value products available. You may have smoked salmon and scrambled egg for breakfast on Christmas Day, but there’s a lot more you can do with it – that’s why it’s got good growth.Salmon bacon

Have you ever had salmon bacon? Last year we sold quite a bit and already, we’re getting orders for even more. It’s a really healthy option. Prepared just down the road it is a local product and can be frozen.bacon-sandwich

Everyone loves traditional smoked salmon at Christmas – we sell a lot, but  there’s a new salmon dish that’s also selling well – hot smoked salmon and it’s one of my favourites. Smoked in Maryport it has a delicious flavour and lovely texture. Perfect for night time after a rich lunch.

As we mentioned last month, the Christmas fish list  is still quite predictable – smoked salmon, crab (we order lots of dressed crab), lobster (fresh or cooked) and of course prawns. But why not try something a little different. Scallops on Christmas Eve, Hot smoked salmon on Boxing Day night and a slice of salmon bacon in a bap for the weekend.


If you want fish after Christmas – you’d better select something frozen. Why? The fish markets close for Christmas  and won’t open again until early January when the prices are very high for the first few days.

If you want to place an order for Christmas pop in or give us a call. We close on at noon on Christmas Eve so give us a call and place your order in plenty of time.

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