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Pair of kippers

What a pair of Kippers!

A  kipper is a whole herring that’s been sliced in half from head to tail, gutted, salted (or pickled) then smoked in a process called kippering. Kippering was allegedly  invented in 1840 by John Woodger a Northumberland fish processor from Seahouses. That may be true, but we still think the best kippers are Manx Kippers – coming straight from the Isle of Man.

Fortunately we have quota to fish for herrings in April so we’re lucky (that’s not always the case and quotas change so often), but we don’t smoke our own fish. The kippers we sell in the shop and on the vans are bought direct from one of the most established fish merchants and curer of kippers on the Isle of Man – Devereau and Son.   The company was established in 1884 and has a continued history of They’re natural,  undyed, superior oak smoked kippers, succulent and very tasty.

Fishermen call them the King of the Sea or “Ree ny Marrey” in Manx Gaelic. In the 1840’s records show that almost twelve million Herring a year made their way from sea to local table. Traditionally, you would place mashed potato on a wooden platter with your Herring with a small cup of butter. You would then dip both the Herring and potato in the butter. Fingers rather than cutlery were best!

Things have changed, here kippers  are sold as pairs and eaten for breakfast, but we have many older customers who eat them as a main meal. Rich in Omega 3, they’re a very healthy dish but people are often put off by the smell of them cooking and having to de-bone of kippers at West Coast Fish

If you have an Aga cooker the smell of cooking isn’t a problem, but for the majority of us without one, here’s a nifty trick (something else John Woodger discovered) for ‘Jugged Kippers’. Find a jug that’s wide enough and tall enough to submerge your kippers head first, then pour boiling water over them and leave for 6-10 minutes. Pull them out, shake off the water and serve. No odour to contend with.

We like them served with salt, pepper and a little vinegar, but some add yoghurt and chopped onion as a dressing when eating them for lunch. Why not call in and try a pair – 01900 63746

6F Buddle Road, Clay Flatts, Workington

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