Fish platters for Christmas

Seafood platters

Smoking Santa loves a fish platter

Did you know that in Tudor times meat was a luxury and by law, people had to eat fish certain days of the week? Initially it was for religious reasons, but in the 16th century the law was aimed at helping the fishing industry – perhaps it’s something the government should consider after Brexit.

There’s no denying Christmas is about tradition, mince pies, turkey, Christmas pudding, then a lot of cold meat to follow.  Chair bulging under the weight of a Christmas dinner and perhaps a ‘Rennie’ or two? Why not mark a sea change this Christmas and go for a lighter, fishier celebration.

A couple of years ago we experimented with fish platters, making a few for the shop, but mainly freshly prepared to order. It means customers pick what they want and we present it on a platter – all they have to do is keep it chilled for the celebration party, or present it on your own boards.

We think Santa loves smoked salmon, prawns, dressed crab and lobster, potted shrimps, a little lemon squeezed over mussels and clams. Delicious and light on your digestive system too.  If you want to heat things up, you could add some deep fried calamari, scampi or whiting – all available in our freezer and just needing a few minutes in a fryer.

Food Swap: Prawn not Lobster Thermidor  We spotted a blog about switching from Lobster to Prawn Thermidor so thought we’d share – it’s quicker and much cheaper to make and still tastes fab – so try it this Christmas:Prawn Thermidor

Sweat some garlic, shallots, and mushrooms, and then add cognac and cream. Warm this mixture up before whisking it with an egg yolk and some tarragon. Then add your prawns. Super simple! Recipe thanks to Greedy Guts!

Remember our fish is all fresh, so you can freeze it to use over the festive season safe in the knowledge that it has not been frozen before.  So if you want to place an order for Christmas or give our fish platters a try, pop to the shop or give us a call.

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