Cod is still king

the baked fish with cherry tomato

Is Cod king of fish? It has flaky white flesh and a subtle flavour, still holding the crown as the nation’s favourite fish. Once the subject of controversy regarding overfishing, there have been greater efforts in recent years to promote sustainable fishing methods – look out for MSC approved stocks when you are buying your fish.

It’s been part of the British diet for centuries and can be caught off our West Cumbrian shores – if you have a Cod quota for your boat.  It’s been a quiet season so far, boats aren’t catching much and most of what is caught is Codling (younger Cod).  You can imagine what a shortfall in supply has done to the market – cod (and salmon) are now very expensive.

We love fresh fish again!

According to The Grocer magazine, fresh fish sales soared at Easter, up 8.8% on the two weeks before the holidays. But the most dramatic difference was in Cod sales which were up 43.8%.  It’s great that people are eating fresh fish again, but it’s going to be expensive this summer.

A fish supper – either breaded or battered is a classic, but how else would you cook Cod? Cod loin is the middle third of the fish and makes an ideal dish with other seafood, its flavour is also enhanced in dishes with pork – we particularly like it fried with chorizo or even wrapped in pancetta great with new potatoes.  Over the coals – just wrap your fish in tin foil with a few herbs and seasoning (and a couple of cherry tomatoes), and you’ll have very healthy BBQ option too.

What’s happening? May and early June is normally for painting and repairing our boat. So next issue we’ll be going a little more exotic, further afield to warmer waters for another favourite fish.  Why not pop into our Workington shop and see what seafood freshly caught this week.

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