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Welcome to The Daily Catch. Here you can find out what has been caught and when the fish are being brought in. Fishing takes place daily as long as the weather permits it and the catch varies every trip.

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Fish platters for Christmas

Smoking Santa loves a fish platter Did you know that in Tudor times meat was a luxury and by law, people had to eat fish certain days of the week? Initially it was for religious reasons, but in the 16th...
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Salmon Bacon for Santa’s breakfast

Fish is in fine fettle; with sales growth and innovation, it is now outperforming other protein providers like meat and poultry. The big fish news is that salmon is set to replace tuna as the nation’s favourite fish and there...
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Scalops for Christmas – available in Workington

Yo Ho Ho, Scallops ahoy November 1st was the official start to the local scallop season, when the shores around the Isle of Man open for business. The season ends in May, giving the stock time to replenish. Do you...
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Kippers – buy a pair in Workington

What a pair of Kippers! A  kipper is a whole herring that’s been sliced in half from head to tail, gutted, salted (or pickled) then smoked in a process called kippering. Kippering was allegedly  invented in 1840 by John Woodger...
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Lobster from West Coast Fish

Lobster from Workington Fishmonger

Red Hot Lobster? If you want local lobster in season, you have to wait for August to fish for it in our local waters. Did you know they were once considered the poor man’s chicken? In Colonial times, they were...
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Tuna from Workington Fishmonger

Cooking to a different Tuna Pardon the pun, but we wanted to look at something a little exotic for a change, so whilst we love telling you about fish you can catch in our local waters, it’s time to pack...
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Plaice – local catch in Workington

No Plaice like home? The season for plaice is quite a short one, often at their best for around four weeks of the year. Having spent the summer fattening up they are ripe for catching from now until October when...
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Seek out sea trout

Have you tried Sea Trout? It’s a cheaper choice to salmon, but that doesn’t mean it tastes inferior. In fact, some would argue it tastes better than salmon. Both fish are similar in their behaviour and how they look. Both...
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